Portable Laboratory Refinery and Models

The portable laboratory and training fuel refinery represents state-of-the-art technology for the production of ethanol in a compact and easy-to-use refinery. The refinery is designed for a small consumer producer and is ideal for use as a small ethanol training system. This patent-pending machine is feature rich but affordable.
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Teaching a bio-fuels program? Ask us about our clear models that can be assembled and disassembled in the classroom.

Commercial Self Powered Refineries

The commercial-scale modular refineries provide a complete set of modules to process feedstock, distill ethanol, and provide environmentally friendly operation through water cleansing systems after distillation. Our systems utilize off-the-shelf components for easy access to parts for maintenance. Modular systems are flexible. They can be "turned up" with additional capacity and "turned down" when full capacity is not needed. The modular system can grow with your business and give you the opportunity to start out with smaller capacities and decreasing the amount of initial capital needed. Commercial & Self Powered Refinery Detail

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Energy equivalence calculations based on a system input of 40 proof beer @ 70 Degrees F. Energy Equivalence calcuator can be found here.


Systems are designed and built in the USA. Unit may vary from system images.