Distributed Modular Ethanol Refineries

Distributed Production. Our refineries are sized to capture an emerging market opportunity of distributed fuel production, meaning many turn-key refineries are spread throughout a region, rather than a single large refinery with the same capacity. An average refinery size of 200 gallons per hour.
The existing large-scale ethanol refinery model is limited due to dependencies on significant up-front capital requirements, corn commodity pricing, the requirement of big infrastructure such as rail lines and feedstock handling systems, as well as large storage facilities, grain silos and far-reaching product distribution requirements. 


The Allard distributed fuel production model overcomes all of the issues facing large-scale refineries by creating numerous smaller-scale plants that are not dependent on significant infrastructure, nor are their locations relegated to geographic locations confined to corn or even cropland proximity. 


Automation and Flexibility.  Our commercial ethanol solutions are designed to meet the automation and capacity needs of any size business.  From small farms or co-ops looking to produce fuel for self-sustainability, to large-scale businesses building plants for the sale and distribution of ethanol, we have modular, automated systems that will provide the capacity and flexibility you need.


Grow your system as you grow your business.  Implament only what you need now.  Our refineries are modular and expandable.  Our commercial refineries start with as little as 20 gallons per hour. And add modules as your capacity needs increase.  Finally, a solution that grows as your business feedstock. 


Business Services.  Need help getting your ethanol business started? Our consulting services can help you plan and manage your ethanol business.


A business model opportunity to meet our customer's needs.  Allard Energy recongnizes that many customers want a partner in the ethanol business. Allard Energy can provide a turn key refinery with all services and enter into a joint venture with qualifying customers. Our customers may have feedstocks for disposal or want to invest in refineries.


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